Focus on productive tasks, not cataloging

Libramatic provide a fully automated smartphone and web based library system. Managing a library or CD collection is a tedious task.

Adding books to the system for example, requires that all a books information is manually typed in by the librarian. Libramatic solves this, as well as many of a librarian’s other day-to-day problems.

With Libramatic, the only thing a librarian has to do is scan the ISBN code on the back of a book and Libramatic will search the web to find that books information. The book’s full information is then stored in a database in the cloud. When the book is being loaned out the librarian simply has to scan the ISBN and the users library card using any smartphones camera. This is very time saving and reduces the amount of effort needed drastically.

Libramatic has an intuitive, easy to use web interface which allows library management and statistics to be accessed on a computer or other device. It offers the complete range of library/collection management functions including for example an automated reminder system for overdue books and a book reservation service allied with a comprehensive Lending Statistics and Utilisation suite.

Work on Libramatic was started in late 2011 driven by a young, creative and vibrant team based in Dublin, Ireland.

Automatic Book Cataloging

Libramatic allows books to be cataloged automatically based on it’s ISBN code. Librarians can scan a book’s ISBN using our smartphone app or using a USB barcode scanner. Libramatic then searches the internet for that book’s information such as it’s title, author, cover art and an abstract. The book is stored in the cloud based catalog so it can be circulated easily.